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On Friendly Turf: How Geo-Conquesting is Changing the Campus Rivalry Game

Alright, education marketing maestros! Ever dreamt of stepping into the lion’s den and roaring even louder? Well, dream no more! In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, education marketing agencies have unlocked a spicy strategy called geo-conquesting. Think of it as the amped-up sibling of geofencing, where you’re targeting potential students right on your competitor’s turf. Intrigued? Lace-up, it’s time to conquer!

Claiming New Ground: With geo-conquesting, you can cast a digital net around competitor campuses. So, when students there search for courses, programs, or college events, up pop your tailored messages, tempting them to consider what lies beyond their campus walls.

Peeking Over the Hedge: No, it’s not about being sneaky; it’s strategic! Offer comparison charts, success stories, or even virtual campus tours. Highlight your strengths without throwing shade.

Exclusive Invites: Organizing an off-campus event or webinar nearby? Send those geo-targeted invitations out. Woo potential transfers with exclusive content and offers they can’t resist.

Swag and Goodies: There’s nothing like a good old giveaway. Students on the competitor campus could receive geo-triggered coupons for your university’s merchandise store or online courses. After all, who can resist a freebie?

Feedback Goldmine: By targeting competitor campuses, you can also gather feedback. What are they looking for? What might make them switch? Their insights can be invaluable.

Nurturing the Curious: Geo-conquesting can help identify students who’re on the fence. Maybe they’re contemplating a course change or a different major. Be there with the right message at the right time!

Sports and More: Ah, the age-old campus sports rivalry. Imagine pushing out messages about your college’s upcoming games, or better yet, discounts for students from the rival campus. The fun and banter just went up a notch!

Geo-conquesting is about boldly going where few education marketers have ventured before. But it’s not just about the thrill; it’s about effective engagement.